Summer Naps - Sundrenched Flowers Spray


Sweet and gentle roses, jasmine and a subtle mandarin complete this fragrance in this layerable spritz.

Each spray will have you melting into a meadow of sundrenched scents without overpowering your senses or leaving you feeling like a bowl of your Grandmother's potpourri.

Spray your new water based floral scented mist on your body, in your room or anywhere that needs a freshen up. 


Purified Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Nonyl Phenol (Ethoxylated), Fragrance

Why Are Our Ingredients Better?

Purified Water is a clean base for your mist.

Ethyl Alcohol enables your mist to dry fast.

Nonyl Phenol reliably combines all ingredients.

Fragrance safely makes you smell delicious.

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Customer Reviews

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Reminds me of Spring/Summer

A beautiful floral body mist.