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Our Goal Is To Promote Inclusivity

Our family of Icons have unseen diversities that are often portrayed in main-stream media as negatives.

This has to change.

Our hope is that every human who sees, hears, feels and processes the world alternatively can see a Confetti Blue product in homes and on shelves and feels recognised, empowered, valued and loved.

We are proud to create conversations and promote those diversities as strengths, not weaknesses.

We want our children's tomorrow to be infinitely better as well as more inclusive...and that begins with today.

Lisa & Raya

Our Fruit Family

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Purposeful Peach

If anyone ever needed kind words more, its Purposeful Peach - but never assume it's due to a lack of confidence. He is risk-averse in everything from his language to his body movements and while you're sleeping soundly, he is retracing his day in his mind. There's deep affection in his worries because he knows your value and wants to keep your heart and mind safe at all times.

Remarkable Raspberry

Raspberry perceives the world with independent uniqueness. But the best thing about Raspberry is not his creativity, curiosity, genius or hyper-focus, it's his unequivocally good heart. This goodness is the singular common thread in all Raspberries and what sets them apart from every other fruit. When he loves you, he does it with everything he has.

Bella Banana

Don't be fooled by this Banana's cool composure. She's got laugh-fart worthy jokes ready for any opportunity that may arise. Bella doesn't need guidance on how to have fun - it's built into every fibre of her being and those around her adore the cheeky play she so naturally exudes.

Blueberry Bandit

Brandon has off-the-wall ninja skills with anything sporty. Don't believe us? Challenge him and get ready to be left in the dust! He keeps his parents up to date with the latest tween lingo but fears they will still never be as cool as they could be because, well, they're adults and adults are lame.

Dreamer Honey Dew

Honey Dew is an observer of all things and always the first to offer a helping hand. He watches for the beauty in the world around him as everyone else flits through their days. Honey Dew's family often refer to him as 'Off With The Fairies' but what is happening in his mind is magic, imagination and kindness all wrapped into one beautifully gentle-natured soul.

Our Candy Family

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Maddie Marshmallow

Maddie see's the good in everyone and loves the strength held inside her muscly legs and arms because they're what help her play, run and dangle from the monkey bars. When Maddie isn't running around she loves nothing more than a snuggle on the couch with the friends and family she loves. If she could be a cat, she would.

Bean Brothers

Two of the same kind of Candy but as individual as they come. Ted's a goof-ball, loves a boogie and can be heard from wherever he is. Whereas Eli is gentle, heart-centred and loves to know who you are and how he can love on you - but don't ask him about his trading card collection if you value the next 5 hours of your life.

Rainbow Candy

Dinosaurs, Ballet, Pink, Blue, Trucks and Dolls - there's no constructed definition that binds these Candies to a particular path. Their identity is in who they are, not what they do. If a bowl were filled with Rainbow Candy, not a single one would be the same and nor should they be.

Wild Watermelon

Sleep is for suckers and she certainly is not that (duh, otherwise she would be a lollipop!) Motivation and energy are not Watermelon's shortfall. Her ever-expanding imagination and tenacity for adventure are her greatest strengths, although the people around her don't always appreciate these. All the greatest physical and mental adventurers had Watermelons traits in common which means the world better be ready because she is growing up and coming for it!

Bubblegum Buddies

Asher and Roh are mischief in one perfectly created package. There's always opportunity for fun when these two are around and they make sure they wrangle you into their cheeky antics whenever possible. Just make sure the wipes are ready because there is zero chance of them not becoming messy and covered in something throughout their adventures.

Our Dessert Family

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Wandering Waffles AKA. Lil Syrup

She's ready to party and destined to be a star bigger than Avril. All she needs is her guitar but she left it somewhere then got distracted and now cannot remember where it is. Harlow is always up for something creative, loud and a little bit cheeky because, well, that's just who she is and you can't be destined for greatness unless you have a little of each of those features.

Poppy Popcorn

Poppy has superpower's most would only dream of having. She is fierce, full of energy and smarter than the average popcorn kernel. Her strength is in how she sees the world and the global impact she will no doubt have comes from this unique perspective and her ability to use that superpower for good.

Milla Milkshake

It's not an attitude, it's a curated opinion on the world around her - and at present the world around her is simply uncool. Milla knows who she is and is confident in that because who she is, is flipping awesome! But you should probably know that already.

Curious Caramel

If anyone was made for a Byron lifestyle, it's Laurelai. The spaces between her toes are there solely for sand to fill as she peacefully lives out her days alongside the crashing waves, innovative minds ready to take on the world and her barefoot peers. She finds joy in the curious nature of the world and is ready for a future nothing short of incredible.

Cranky Cookie

She doesn't want us to talk about it right now because she woke up on the wrong side of the cookie jar with half her bottom bitten off and needs a minute...