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Why Us?

Confetti Blue specialises in Kids' DIY Kits, designed to spark imagination and provide endless creative fun. Our kits offer a hands-on and engaging experience that combines the magic of creativity with basic scientific concepts, making learning both enjoyable and accessible for children.

Our kits are designed to be compatible with each other, allowing children to mix and match components from different sets. This versatility provides great value, enabling
endless combinations and encouraging repeat play.

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100% Reusable Packaging

Simply cut out the doors to create your own Village for play.

Head to our Freebies section for free downloads to add to your perfume kits and play.

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Experimental Fun

Kids love to experiment, and our kits cater to their curiosity by allowing them to create
unique blends and discover new combinations. This promotes a sense of exploration and achievement as they invent their own scents and potions.

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