It's Who We Are

Lisa and Raya are two Mothers from Australia who know exceptional products after both independently owning successful, award-winning businesses prior to co-founding Confetti Blue.

Raya having ADHD as well both Lisa and Raya having Neurodivergent children means they are both acutely aware of the impacts of the negative view neurodiversity has on individuals.

Their collective passion for their children to be included and given the same opportunities as any other child is what spurred this world-first gender neutral product partnered with it's fun branding.

Larger Social Impact

Our mission is to make lasting change on our children's generation so that 1 in 5 of their peers won't be excluded, bullied, shamed or embarrassed because of their diversities.

By cleverly placing our Icons across our packaging, branding and with our partners we are systematically enabling conversations in every household and store about the unseen differences so many have.

In doing this, we remove the negative stigma attached with these diversities, focusing on one individual at a time and empowering them to impact their 'sphere of influence' for lasting cultural, social and generational change.

One product.
One community.
Lasting global change.