FREE Printable Spray Sleeves

Alternate your child's custom spray with these free printable sleeves.

Simply print on either A4 standard paper or on A4 sticker paper in full colour.

Cut out, wrap around your Confetti Blue Spray bottle and tape ends together. Interchange labels as needed.

These are digital downloads and will be included in your order confirmation as well as a follow up email.

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Mischief - Watermelon Sugar Spray
The perfect gift for a seven year old

We were in a quandary as to what to get our 7 year old great niece. That was until we discovered Watermelon Sugar Body mist. Just the perfect gift to give a little lady who is wanting to try perfumes. A great safe and fun product.

Amazing Products

I ordered the Perfume Making Kit and was just as excited as my niece! The packaging is spot on, and a great activity to do with a loved one. Well done Confetti Blue.

Lasted a while

My little one had the most fabulous time creating her own perfume with this Fruit Deluxe Perfume Making Set! It came with everything she needed to make a delicious smelling fragrance. Such a great gift idea! She loved being able to create and mix the scents herself.

Long lasting and amazing!

We thoroughly enjoyed the process of making and using the perfume. We’ve already starting working out the mix for the next one!

Scent lasted ages

Such a fun perfume kit. I loved how all the scents mixed together so nicely. Really fun for all ages

The scent lingers in the air for quite some time and on the skin for longer

My girls (2yrs and 12th S) loved creating their own bottles of perfume with their kits. The scents available were all really pleasant and we were able to customise the level of scent for each child. Making and mixing was easy and engaging for both the girls together. A huge win!

My girls absolutely loved creating their own custom scents. The fragrances are mouth watering. My faves were the lychee (which I shamelessly borrow) and the honey dew. Perfect present for any little girl.

A day out two

It was so much fun for my daughter, she loved designimg her own and said she felt like a scientist. Definitely a great idea idea

Long lasting scent!

Absolutely loved the process of mixing the scents to get the perfect scent for her. Also adored the pretty packaging!


I have 9 and 7 year old daughters and they loved this! Smells beautiful and so easy to make


Comes in beautiful box and my girlsl love

Long enough for her to LOVE

Absolutely LOVED creating her own scent . She carries her scented bottle in her bag & tops up when needed !!

Perfect gifts

They are beautifully boxed up and make for the perfect gift. We can't wait to give ours gifts to friends/family.

Summer Naps - Sundrenched Flowers Spray
Reminds me of Spring/Summer

A beautiful floral body mist.

What Fun Feels Like - Cotton Candy Spray
Smells Amazing!

Absolutely obsessed with this cotton candy body mist! It smells so delicious, I just want to eat it.

1-2 hrs

My girls loved being able to create their own unique personalised scents. Instructions are very clear & easy to follow.

My daughters absolutely loved these packs. There is no “wrong” mix my youngest literally used some of everything in her perfume and it still smelt amazing. I have been using the pre-made lychee perfume myself. My favourite scent was the honey dew reminds me of watermelon Chupa chup. Would definitely purchase again either for my own children or as a beautiful gift.

A few hours

My 8 year old has loved creating blends for her hair and as a wearable scent.

Mischief - Watermelon Sugar Spray
Smells amazing!

Smells so good that I might have pinched my daughters for myself!

Love it!

So easy to create and smells delicious too! Fantastic gift idea!

The scent lasted for quite sometime

My child absolutely loved her perfume kit. A great fun experience in making her own sweet smelling perfume. Perfect gift for a Birthday and Christmas present.

Loads of fun!!!

The perfect gift for our kids, fun for all the family to get creative in making your very own perfume!!

They smell amazing!

Highly recommended!!! They are a perfect team! Shipping was fast and communication was amazing!!!

Delicious Perfume Kits

These kits are such a great idea for kids that love to be inventive, they can make their own beautiful smelling perfumes

The Letter Blue - Grape Bubblegum Spray
Beautiful Perfume Spray

This spray smells so nice, my daughter loved making herself and our house smell so beautiful

Endless fun!

We are all obsessed! This kit has plenty of scents to get creative with. The packaging itself is really inviting, and makes you want to get started as soon as you open it. My boys are loving the soft scents and keep telling their friends all about them!